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Protecting Our Planet


Climate change is a threat to our very existence. Past inaction and compromises, made despite scientific evidence to the contrary, have brought us to the brink.  Now we must:

  • consider the health of our planet in each decision we make and every action we take

  • implement robust policies to produce clean and sustainable energy while reducing demand

  • move away from unfettered consumption of our resources and toward a healthy relationship with our environment

  • embrace recycling of our resources

  • preserve and protect our natural spaces

  • include the well-being of other species in our plans

This challenge demands action from all segments of society - individuals, communities, corporations and, especially, government.  Analyzing and prioritizing the environmental cost and benefit of each budget decision the legislature makes will yield the fastest and most significant impact. Investment in public transportation or highways?  Green roofs or flat? Open space or parking lots?  Clean energy or a continuing reliance on gas and oil?

This approach means disrupting the forces that create roadblocks to slow or deter the expansion of solar and other alternative fuels. It means prohibiting after-market devices that alter vehicle emissions and increase pollution. It means giving the environment a seat at the table when we consider how best to spend Virginia’s $141.3 billion bi-annual budget.

By tipping our decisions in favor of protecting the planet and shifting spending patterns, we will see clearer air and water, a more sustainable economy and healthier, more livable communities.

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